• An essential part of any players pre-match routine is to ensure you have the right nutrition to fuel yourself to the final whistle. Our selection of pre-match products including bars, gels and powders are ideal to take the morning or day before a match in order to maximise both muscle and liver glycogen stores to allow optimal performance. 
  • On Match Day the two key factors to obtain optimal performance are hydration and energy. We recommend using our GO Energy Gels at half-time to replenish your carbohydrate stores and GO Hydro or GO Electrolyte during the game to retain your hydration levels. 
  • After your game consuming carbohydrates and protein drastically benefit all elements of recovery, which is key to those who play more than once a week. Use REGO Rapid Recovery immediately after a game to prevent the chances of muscle fatigue and use Overnight Protein before you go to sleep to ensure you feed your muscles with a constant stream of amino acids needed for muscle rebuild. 
  • During intense training sessions you should take on extra carbohydrate in the form of carbohydrate electrolyte drinks like GO Electrolyte. You can also use Caffeine Shots to reduce the chances of fatigue during your session.
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